Engels started playing with Linux® in 1991 and obtained his Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), Red Hat Certified Instructor (RHCI), and Red Hat Certified Examiner (RHCX) certifications in 2002. He is in charge of Bluepoint's Total Linux®, Linux Kernel Internals®, Perl & Python Programming, and Extreme PHP curriculum and instruction development.
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Richard Keech, RHCE, RHCX conducted my RHCE, RHCI, and RHCX training & certification in his capacity as Red Hat Asia-Pacific's Chief Instructor. Before we parted ways, he congratulated me for becoming the first Filipino RHCX. I told him that I was trained by the best.
In loving memory of CPT Mario B. Mortega Sr., USAFFE, VET (1920-2004)
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Tuesday, Mar 17, 2009, 11:00 AM
What started out as an initiative to get last January 15 resulted in being assigned to Fedora Philippines today.

Fedora Philippines is being hosted by Bluepoint Foundation on a Xen VM using as interim domain.

My original request was for the delegation of to Bluepoint's DNS servers via a couple of glue and NS records.

But hey, I'll take a single A record anytime.