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Elvin Joseph Sanico was one of the best professors I was privileged to have at the UP National Institute of Physics in Diliman. His use of the continuity equation for steady one-dimensional flow to prove the "silent waters run deep" axiom was really cool!
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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting
Sunday, Jun 8, 2008, 8:00 PM
It's a Sunday, but Magie and I went online for a meeting of APAC Fedora Ambassadors at freenode earlier today.

The meeting was announced 3 weeks in advance, but there were only 5-6 attendees. I cannot help but echo Susmit Shannigrahi's sentiments: "In APAC there is a lack of people seriously trying to contribute. A lot of people join but a few continues."

At the local level, Magie tried to initiate a meeting of the 7 Fedora Ambassadors in the Philippines at least 3 times during the last 6 months. Only one bothered to reply and actually show up everytime. Me.

I hope things get better.