Engels started playing with Linux® in 1991 and obtained his Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), Red Hat Certified Instructor (RHCI), and Red Hat Certified Examiner (RHCX) certifications in 2002. He is in charge of Bluepoint's Total Linux®, Linux Kernel Internals®, Perl & Python Programming, and Extreme PHP curriculum and instruction development.
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Elvin Joseph Sanico was one of the best professors I was privileged to have at the UP National Institute of Physics in Diliman. His use of the continuity equation for steady one-dimensional flow to prove the "silent waters run deep" axiom was really cool!
In loving memory of CPT Mario B. Mortega Sr., USAFFE, VET (1920-2004)
Wednesday, Oct 4, 2006, 4:00 PM
Power was finally restored in our subdivision after almost one week. It was cut off early morning last Thursday, a few hours before typhoon Milenyo hit Manila. Hit might be an understatement here, considering the uprooted trees, dangling live wires, flash floods, and landslides that we had to contend with during and after the storm. The effect of literally seeing the howling wind circle the neighborhood, savagely ripping apart age-old trees branch by branch and knocking the bigger ones in one blow, was almost psychotic. The feeling of being totally disconnected from the world was maddening. It was one of the worst storms we had to endure.